Ceramics by Mark Ahlstrand 
There's a certain freedom in making a piece that will not have a purpose other than to occupy a space but because ceramics have been seen universally as utilitarian tools for living or daily lives, sometimes people have difficulty accepting a ceramic piece as pure sculpture.  Purely sculptural ceramics are not intended to be used to store, serve or cook with but rather to have a similar function as a painting, but in 3 dimensions.  

Generally having plenty space around a sculptural piece and preferably a stand, pedestal or table space to place it on is helpful in presenting a piece. They may be shown in interior or exterior settings but care should be taken if leather is employed as it will deteriorate if left outside.

These pieces are large, 20+" by 20+", and contain a lot of detail both from carving into the surface and as a result of the natural overlapping and folding of the clay. 

Large Organic Pieces

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