Ceramics by Mark Ahlstrand 
Most of these large jars are of slab construction with the rough edges and undulating folds of the slabs often enhanced with engobes, oxides and glazes.  Covers, with their correspond-ing flanges, are generally thrown on a wheel which allows for a tighter fit than can usually be attained fitting slab parts together.  The thrown elements also make a nice refined contrast to the organic rough edges of the slabs. These pieces are generally about 20" tall and vary in girth up to about 20".

Engobes, oxides and underglazes, all generally applied before the bisque firing, allow for more visual texture and often create unpredictable results when combined with a glaze over the top of them.  Also, slip (liquid clay) and engobes can be applied over a glaze fired piece and refired for a different effect.

Ancient Jars

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